The Real Online Business is Being Done Online – Why Are You Still Knocking at My Doorstep?

Hello to you who is reading this,Yeah you; I know this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, however I, like many people got stuck in a little bit of a dilemma with MLM marketing…I guess it was kinda easy to get confused between having an online business where I marketed products and services online in the more conventional sense, or an online business where marketing is done off-line and the ordering is being done online. In traditional MLM’s, is this not the case? Here’s my point…loud and clear, today the real way to leverage your time with a online home based business is by being online. Literally, creating an online presence… done online. So then, here’s my question-what are so many people doing being busy off-line if the business is online. Really why are people still doorstep knocking? Why are we still cold calling? How about, we just “get online”?When the majority of us search out an online business, or home based business, we are not looking to go out to malls, call all of our friends, family members and past associates to give them our latest pitch. Are we? No, not really… I believe the picture looks more like this: man, wow… beach! Look at my kids running and laughing while me and my special someone hold hands as the sun sets. Right…? I bet!Here’s a deep breath of fresh air for you, and on the exhale (my yoga instructor always says that). Let me issue you a challenge; in the next 30 days, can you find and involve yourself in a business that you can be taught the marketing online? Find a way or someone who can teach you how to move your online business marketing from the traditional lead generation to conventional lead generation. No more make up parties, topple ware or the like. No more calling mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, to sell them your latest pills, lotions, potions, miracle drugs or latest in travel. If we are to get with the new wave online, let’s get online. Leave your family members and friends out of this because Aunty Susan and Cousin Billie have heard that one before. They are millions of people online looking and searching for something and in most cases that something that you have to offer them.The traditional online business you have to physically do all of this work yourself, calling people who are not interested in doing and answering many curious questions that lead to no-where.There is a plethora of tools available for marketing online. These include blogs, key word marketing, videos and press releases to name a few. Lets talk about an article online, it says the samething to that same type person online that asks the same type questions (after all, have you never had someone else ask your question)-and all you had to do was to write the article once. Hooray for residual efforts and time compounding.Find a mentor who can teach you how to use the internet and the tools online to make money online and then take the time you would have spent in the malls and bookstores to spend time with your family. When you are asleep, these tools work for you, 24 hours a day seven days a week; they don’t feel the pain of rejection or the fatigue of explaining your system over and over again. These new conventional tools allow you to do what you do best; “be an entrepreneur “and a business owner who is dedicated to creatively finding new ways to maximize their online business success.Look here for a healthy alternative.Tell me if you see the difference. However I should issue you a warning, if you peak inside, you can never look back.